Installation Price List


    Horizontal Treatment (Blinds, Shades) :
Regular installation                                                           each $19.00
Battery powered installation                                              each $25.00
Arch/Angled Blinds or Shades installation                         each $30.00
Other complicated installation                                        ask for quote

    Vertical Treatments  
regular installation                                    lin.ft.   $7.50      min. $39.00
Arched/Angled installation                        lin.ft. $10.50      min. $50.00
Other complicated installation                                        ask for quote

regular installation under 10 ft.                                                  $55.00

PolyCore/Composite W.  installation   per  sq. ft.   $5.00   min.  $50.00
Polyresin/ Wood              installation   per  sq. ft.  $6.00    min.  $60.00

    Miscellaneous / Additional Services :
Basic Measure Service Fee (Blinds)   - Free with order Gator Blinds     $60.00
Minimum Labor Service                                                            $99.00
Out of mileage area                                                    each mile   $3.00
Take down of old product (blinds)                                   each     $3.00
Template                                                                         each    $40.00
Hard surface installation (Concrete, Metal, Tile)                Add   50 %
High Ladder above 10'  (Blinds)                                         Add   50 %
High Ladder above 15'  (Blinds)                                      ask for quote
Hourly Labor rate                                                           each    $60.00
Product Drop off at Supplier or 2nd Product Pick up      each    $40.00
Temporary Shades                                                           each    $  6.00